Dating tips attract men

I often think that people convince themselves that they’re terrible at dates, when in reality they just set themselves up for it with bad, conventional ideas.

Just because that’s all anyone else ever does, doesn’t mean you have to do it too.

You want to jump ahead and start putting some dates in the books!

I learned, however, in order for him to find you, you need to prepare yourself in other ways.

Stay away from bars unless a friend or friend-of-a-friend has a birthday party there, which automatically raises the caliber of people you'll meet.

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As a professional matchmaker, I know what men look for and divulge these secrets to our Bachelorettes at Matchmakers In The City on a daily basis.

With my insider's look into the male mind, below you'll find tips to help your Prince Charming recognize his Cinderella.

Once a week, attend a non-work related event for fun.

Some people are much more confident on first dates than others.

Some people are fine on dates but don’t get any because they’re not proactive enough when meeting men and so rarely go on any. You’re sat next to a guy you barely know for at least 90 minutes (if not more!

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