Lindsey harding katie smith dating

Discussing their relationships with the footballer, the pair put their feud to bed as they bonded in the garden.Alicia previously credited Katie for launching her career, after they clashed in the media over their relationship with Dwight.The mother-of-five claims Alicia made up lies about having a threesome with her and her then-partner Dwight Yorke. That was the last thing I ever said to her."I will probably have to bring it up with her," she added."I'm not going to walk in there and start having a go at her.

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The couple were spotted soaking up some rays on the deck of the boat for a little while before checking out the water sports on offer.

The sexy number exposed just one of her super-toned arms, while cut-out detailing along the size flashed glimpses of her sculpted torso, too.

Her poker-straight blonde hair was worn down her back, while she accessorized in some light gold jewelry on her wrists, finishing the ensemble off in a pair of pale gold Imagine Vince Camuto sandals.

' I'll say I'm over it now, but I had to get that off my chest.'"Alicia looked horrified as Katie entered the house on Friday.

SIR – The Liverpool Care Pathway (Letters, November 3) was designed to ensure that the highest standard of care is provided for patients who are in the last few days of their lives.

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