Regular expression for validating name

It's a regular expression that validates the syntax of a SAS variable name.(Now, I'm talking about the regular old traditional SAS variable names, and not those abominations that you can use with OPTIONS VALIDVARNAME=ANY.) SAS variable names, as you know, can be 1 to 32 characters long, begin with a letter or underscore, and then contain letters, numbers, or underscores in any combination after that.Regular expressions provide a powerful method to find patterns in a string of text.However, the syntax for regular expressions is somewhat cryptic and difficult to devise.

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Introduction This article is about a Windows application and presents a more involved example that uses Regular Expressions to validate name, address and telephone number information input by a user.Compilers use Regular Expressions to validate the syntax of programs.If the program code does not match the Regular Expression then the compiler indicates that there is a syntax error. When a user clicks the OK button, the program checks to ensure that none of the fields are empty.They can be useful during information validation, to ensure that data is in a specified format.For example, a ZIP code must consist of five digits, and a last name must start with a capital letter.

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