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Voyager's Training team are highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers, with a wealth of experience in training and/or recruitment and members of the Institute of Trainers (IIT).All our trainers are permanent employees and therefore we do not contract out any of our customer training, that means that not only are our trainers involved in delivering first class product training, they are also involved in the development testing and implementation of our products.To make matters worse, the Delta Quadrant happens to be the home of the Borg Collective.VOY ranks as one of the more divisive series, with fan debate and controversy continuing to this day — usually directed at Captain Janeway, considered to be the most morally ambiguous of the five captains.Season One offered up a promising mish-mash of crewmen with sketchier backgrounds than those of TOS or TNG, with pasts as rebels, convicts, con men, or (later) Borg drones.By Season Two, the crew and their rogues gallery were retooled into something more palatable for family viewing, and the producers had found a winning formula (in keeping with the late-90s fantasy TV boom) in embracing the sillier aspects of Starfleet life.

Go to Important Kindle E-Reader Software Update for detailed instructions.

We also offer convenient face to face training at your premises, your staff dial into our training database via Citrix and our trainer will train in the office using an overhead projector.

By far the most popular option, because it allows our customers to split the training up over a couple of days minimising staff down time and the impact that training will have on their day to day business, is our exceptional online training using Go To Training, the latest technology in online classrooms.

Voyager Infinity is the truly connected recruitment software solution for the permanent, contract and temporary recruitment market.

The latest software version for Kindle Voyage (7th Generation) is 5.8.10.

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