Vs2016 disable updating intellisense

Learn more about customer-reported issues addressed in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3.Use all the same tools in Visual Studio — like Cloud Explorer, Connected Services and ASP.I recommend getting Visual Assist X to make up for it (it also has a number of other useful features as well). It will hang up, it will parse through files while you are trying to compile code and will generally make VC 2005 sometimes run like a dog.As a previous poster suggested, disable intellisense (and chose a potential alternative -- I also support VAX).It used to work fine, but for some reason the 'Updating Intelli Sense...' does no longer seem to be able to complete for the solution I'm working on currenly- it simply gets stuck somewhere at about 3-bars of progress and blocks one of my precious CPUs for eternity.Deleting the file of my solution and performing a full 'Clean' afterwards was no help. The project I'm working on is a fairly large C solution with 50 projects, quite a few template classes (even more lately) and in general quite complex.

Even when an Intelli Sense option is on by default, you can explicitly invoke it.

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Note: disabling of IDE Intellisense may disable the IDE Class View, render inoperable Add Class Wizard, and disable other IDE features that rely on default Intellisense.

Disabling or pausing of IDE Intellisense varies by IDE. Delete NCB existing NCB file(s), and create two, read-only, zero-length NCB files in the base directory of your solution, and one in the %TEMP% directory. Re-enable default Intellisense by deleting the NCB file in the solution base directory.

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