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Anthony comes in with a groupon for a restaurant called Eat My Wiener.

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The fact that he has wrought havoc on the lives of maybe 50,000 people with the collusion of some parts of the Ugandan government is just shocking. No, the book isn't horrible, the atrocities of Kony and his crew are horrible. That she can express it so well and still, with a sense of humor - what an amazing feat! My sister told me about this brilliant novel which has not been published in the US -- but it should.

loves cats that took off last week, accruing over 6.5 million views in only a few days.

Since the video took off, parodies have been pouring in to You Tube so we thought we’d put together a list of ten of the best.

Jane's powerful, hysterically funny and deeply provocative narrative is all that AND a bag of chips. She also raises some startling insights about Joseph Kona and his infamous child soldiers and the political landscape of ngo's in Africa.

It's a shocking jolt to the senses and impossible to forget. I received the book from the seller in London in a very timely fashion. Bussman is a good writer, however, a lot of her humor/terminology of course is British so may only be understood by Brits. The book was funny, shocking in its revelations and sometimes upsetting because of the events told.

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